Corbin’s Q is a unique barbecue experience serving the San Diego area! We ARE the ever growing and famous Santa Maria Style Barbecue! We specialize in onsite catering with the meat coming fresh hot off the grill. Corbin’s Q also does a number of Farmer’s Markets around the San Diego Area so track us down and scout us out. Our Tri-Tip is always cooked to perfection with some of our other favorite menu items being: pulled pork, linguica sausages, and our baby back ribs.

Corbin’s Q caters weddings, corporate events, parties, anytime and anyplace! Our 10 foot long barbeque trailers was welded together by Corbin himself. Our barbeque is delicious, with quality always being our main focus, from wood to our meat selection. We use traditional California red oak wood to bring out unmatchable flavor, with Tri-Tip of course being our specialty! The “Q Crew” offers great service as we work hard around the grill with countless hours of barbequing behind our team.

Company Record
1850 Guest Count
(Poinsettia Bowl)


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